How do I purchase ticket numbers?

Playing our competitions is simple! First (1) create an account by clicking here, (2) then once logged into your account navigate to the competition you wish to enter, (3) select your numbers or use our random number picker, answer the question and proceed to checkout.

What happens if the timer runs out and all numbers arn't sold?

Here at Nitrous Competitions we draw the competition at the end of the competition deadline regardless of how many tickets have been sold.

How do you draw the winner of the competition?

We use our complete random ball machine in order to pick our competition winner. These draws can be watched live from our facebook page.

A competition that I have brought tickets for is now paused, what does this mean?

When a competition is paused it means that we are facing some technical issues. The draw will still take place as soon as we have resolved these issues. Please check our Facebook page for any updates.

Can I buy multiple tickets for a competition?

Our standard maximum entries per user is set to 25 for any one competition, however some competitions may be even more limited. Please check the specific competition statts to view the maximum ticket amount for that specific competition.